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The Player
Name: Kat
Age: 18
Time Zone: EST
Contact Info: aim; kaydizzfoshizz // email;
Other Characters: Bridget 'Bee' Morrison, Tiffany Flores

The Character
Canon or Original: Canonest of the canon.
Full Name: Gabriella Isabella Maria Montez
Age: 18
Birthdate: October 20th, 1991
Gender: Female

General Appearance
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 108 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Played By: Vanessa Hudgens, of course
Appearance: Gabi’s sweet, naive, and kind personality match perfectly with her appearance. Short and thin, Gabi knows how to dress to flatter her figure. She wears girly colors most of the time, such as red or pink, but also wears black when she wants to look sexy. Generally, she sticks to sundresses, flats, knee-length skirts... anything comfortable. She has long, wavy brown hair and tanned skin which compliment her light brown eyes.

Interests&Hobbies: School, studying, overachieving, ballet, law, tennis, trying new things, science, scholastic decathalon, hanging out with friends
Best 5 words to describe: naive, loyal, trustworthy, studious, strong
General personality: Gabriella is a girl that was brought up right; every parents’ dream. She never misbehaved, always did her homework right when she got home, got good grades, always did as she was asked. ‘Obedient’ is a good word to describe Gabriella. She’s generally a happy girl, though. She enjoys pleasing people, to a certain extent of course. Gabi knows that she should put her own overall happiness in front of other’s, but she hates disappointing people. It wasn’t until she started dating Troy that Gabi started coming out of her quiet, obedient shell. She started speaking out more, voicing her opinion.

Parents: Alvaro (deceased) & Cristina Montez
Siblings: Connor, age 20
History: Gabriella grew up in Houston, TX with her father, mother, and older brother. She always got good grades, did as she was told, and was generally just a nice girl. Though she was shy, she could always make new friends. As she grew, she became attached at the hip with her father and brother; until one day when she was ten, her father was taken from her. They were out playing tennis, and while walking up to the house to return home, a drive-by shooting killed her father. Cristina couldn’t take the pain of living in that house without him, so they moved. After that, they moved 4 more times because of her mother’s job, until they finally settled down in Albuquerque. Because of the move, Gabriella never had a true best friend; she would always be “taken” from them. So, Gabriella grew close to her older brother, Connor. Her sportier side developed because of him, because he never wanted to do anything girlie. Gabi met Troy Bolton while her family was on a ski trip, and coincidently started attending East High with him. They started dating, and eventually fell in love. He was her first time, which led to her late September-early October pregnancy. They started drifting apart when she told him, and eventually broke up with him after a car accident took their daughter from them 3 months later just after Christmas. Now that she’s decided not to go to college, and she has no baby or boyfriend, Gabi’s trying to find a way to cope without worrying anyone.

Basic favorites/dislikes: favs; dressing up, wearing dresses and high heels, tennis, volleyball, dancing, ballet, singing, acting, listening to music no one’s heard of, ballet flats, the color pink

dislikes; watching sports on tv, being alone, showing fear or vulnerability, meaningless hookups, not being true to herself.

Character relationships:
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